The Erotic Ego

{April 1, 2009}   Something Fishy

leg2Finally my computer has recovered from it’s coffee hangover and better late than never I present a picture of my glow in the black lighting fishnets. E says she can always count on my outfits to be “on theme” but I must admit that night I really got it right! It was so fun to wear my swim dress out and the fishnets were the perfect accessory! I felt like the belle of the ball that night for sure!

Sometimes I feel weird about wearing fishnets. I guess it is kind of old fashioned of me, but they seem a bit on the slutty side. E said anytime is a good time for fishnets but she’s biased, LOL! Then I saw a young teen girl wearing hot pink fishnets and I started thinking…well, what was edgy when I was a kid is just plain mainstream now.

I got to be on the other side of the coin and fondle someone else’s fishnets at a party last week. It was awesome!! Now I have decided they are going to become a regular part of my evening wear repertoire for good. There are a few pairs now stuffed into my underwear drawer with my sex toy collection because it took me a while to find these and I kept buying back up pairs. As you can see they make my legs look pretty darn nice, so I’ve given up any kind of false sense of propriety for style!

Now of course my visions and fantasies are starting to go wild…Can’t you just see a great big Chick Orgy full of nothing but women of all shapes and sizes wearing all different colored fish net stockings?! At the very least it would make for an exquisite photograph.

eroticego says:

Grrrrrrrr…awesome picture babe! Love those sexy legs!!!!!! I definitely like the fishnet chick orgy idea. How many fishnet lovin’ chicks do ya think we can round up? I bet the one from the Saturday party would come, as well as my new friend of our mutual friend the Bachelor :) This could work!!!

eroticego says:

BTW, how old do these white ones have to get before I can rip them :)

prisonteacher says:

1. Welcome back, Silver! I’ve missed your contributions. I love E., of course, but somehow things are better with the two of you together. I doubt either of you disagree?

2. Dynamite picture. My hands want to trail up the portions left unripped by E’s frantic pawings.

eroticego says:

Hey now…I haven’t ripped these yet, although I will confess I’m planning to :) She has extra pairs now!

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