The Erotic Ego

{April 3, 2009}   Preparation

Typical procratstination, I’m listening to the hum of the sheets in the dryer now…anticipating E’s arrival in just 40 minutes or so.  I gave myself a face mask and lovingly cleaned the sex toys, including E’s beloved purple cock.  It has been a while since she’s taken it to me so I have high hopes.

Once my husband gets out of the shower I am going to give myself a nice clean shave and make sure my pussy is ripe for the singing. 

Steve Perry is okay but she actually gets much more turned on my some Alice Cooper.  Bad rocker chick to the core…”Your web, I’m caught, Your skin, so wet,  Black lace on sweat….I want to kiss you but your lips are venomous. Poison…”  Anyone remember the Bulletboys?!  They were all about sex, “Smooth up in ya!”  What does that even mean?!  Who really cares!?  Sorry I’ve gotten off on quite the tangent…the effect of rock music on my tender adolescent sexuality is another post entirely.

So better late than never I’m wondering what I should wear?!  I guess we’ve established that I need to find some fishnets she can rip…geez, where are they?  Black lace dress again?  Do I really need anything at all to go with the fishnets?  Well my husband is asking me to do something for him before he leaves so I need to sign off…details later, of course!

She’s on her way so she’ll never read this, hehehe, I decided to judiciously hide my white fishnets beneath my olive drab army pants and some fuzzy slippers. They button up so she’ll surely be ready for some ripping by the time she gets through those!!

Anonymous says:

Nice sounds fcking hot. Is this lesbian sex? Will there be anal hole licking ?

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