The Erotic Ego

{April 6, 2009}   Adoration

(ever notice all these words rhyme with masturbation?!)

I was sooo glad to have E over, particularly because she is nice enough not to mention my terrible housekeeping skills.  But the sheets were nice and fresh smelling when we rolled into them Friday afternoon.  I let her get her boob and fishnet fetishes out of the way before she descended on my ravenous pussy.  I think she’s been getting more lessons from her husband because she had me moaning and squirming in orgasm in no time flat.  Or maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder and the clit come quicker as well.

Next she put her expert hands to work and a nice puddle of ejaculate formed under my ass as my body turned to jello.  By then I was dying to get going on the pussy worship.  She presented her gorgeous snatch over my face, careful not to drown me, and I gleefully feasted on her.

She topped it all off by fingering my ass while letting me ride her purple cock and suck her toes!  WOW!  I think we covered a myriad of fetishes in just one short afternoon.

eroticego says:

Yes, I’m fortunate that I have only good lickers in my life from which I model my style :) Friday was quite yummy…I’m convinced, too, that I’m more sensitive with the vegan diet now.

C says:

Y’all just make me jealous…I might just stop reading your blog :( because I feel my heart drop with each tale!! j/k I will never stop ;)

eroticego says:

Hey, don’t pull my leg like that, Lollie! You’re one of our favorite readers!!!!! Damn it, Silver, we’re gonna have to road trip out West and have a reader appreciation orgy :)

prisonteacher says:

That last activity has burned a hole in my head.

eroticego says:

Shit, PT…now your brains will leak out! How do you plan on composing poetry in that state?

Ah-ha, I think causing holes in peoples heads should be one of the blogger’s highest achievements!

prisonteacher says:

Correct, Silver! I give this post high praise.

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