The Erotic Ego

{April 24, 2009}   Busy intersection

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger!  My apologies for completely abandoning everyone, but my work life has caught up with my blogging habits…and my personal life doesn’t give me much chance for blogging.  So I’m at an impasse!  Only thing to be done is live life first, then write about it later.  I promise to write more once time and the weather allows (can’t write on pretty days, you know, as they are for stretching my legs).  C’est la vie!

Just be honest here, you’re losing interest in me, right?! I knew it!! (LOL!)

eroticego says:

Alright, little missy…is this your way of goading me into commenting? Don’t be ridiculous…I’ve spent all day trying to find someone’s house for us to sneak into so that we can have sex this week! That hardly sounds like losing interest :) Keep this up and I’m throwing in a spanking!

Oh stop it with the spanking threats you know it makes me all hot and bothered…

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