The Erotic Ego

{May 6, 2009}   Full Contact Sport, Part 2

Stoney tried to kiss me but I pushed him away and flipped him, straddling him and holding his arms down.  “You’re getting me all muddy,” he whined playfully.  I smushed my hand down in the mud and smeared it on his cheek, laughing.

Finally I kissed him and the passion ignited quickly, the adrenaline from struggling adding an intensity.  I ground against him and he grabbed my hips roughly.  Impatient, I tore his pants open and hungrily swallowed his cock while straddling his leg, massaging my swollen clit.

When I let it slide out of my mouth, he threw me back to the ground and squeezed my breasts hard while sinking his cock inside me with wild abandon.  His eyes closed and the look on his face held more intensity than I ever noticed.  Oblivious to the mud all over us or the fact that we were outside in the yard, he allowed his need to completely envelop him.  His raw desire brought me to a hard and fast climax, unable to contain my exclamations of pleasure, I cared not who might hear.  The world around us didn’t exist…it was only us.

He drove into me, massaging my g-spot, with another loud cry I felt the sweet gush of fluids pour from my sex and onto the ground to mix with the mud.  The warm and welcoming feeling of the flood pushed Stoney over the edge and he moaned loudly as his orgasm pulsed through the two of us, seeming to last for minutes on end. 

He fell on top of me and we laid breathless before looking around us.  The neighbors dog was watching us with interest we didn’t spy anyone else around.  Then we looked at each other and laughed at the mud spots all over us.  “I think there’s mud in my ears!  Let’s get in and take a shower.”

“Well if you insist.”

eroticego says:

Now, wouldn’t that cause a UTI if you got mud in your who-ha? You worry so much about confestionary items getting down there, but not mud?

P T says:

I enjoyed this.

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